Yvette Jacobs (NL, 1990) started to deepen her exploration of the human eye while attending art school. She graduated at the academy of art and design St.Joost in Breda (NL) and holds a bachelor in fine arts (BFA). 

As an artist Yvette is moved to be in the moment, to experience, to connect with herself and the life happening around her, sounds and movement.  Her practice as a visual artist/photographer is an ongoing research on the experience of intimacy and distance with the world around her.


Her commitment to ongoing self-development, her wide interests and her broadened view on art made her discover the art of teaching. These aspects came together in her wish to guide children at the basis of their lives. Yvette finished a Waldorf teacher training in Leiden (NL) and holds a bachelor in education (BEd). She currently teaches parttime (class 1) at a Waldorf school in Amsterdam.


The human eye is one place where the intensity of human presence becomes uniquely focused and available. The universe finds its deepest reflection and belonging in the human eye. The eye, when it opens, is like the dawn breaking in the night. When it opens, a new world is there. The eye is also the mother of distance. When the eye opens, it shows that others and the world are outside us, distant from us. Yet, in a wonderful way, the eye as mother of distance makes us wonder at the mystery and otherness of everything outside us. In this sense, the eye is also the mother of intimacy, bringing everything close to us. When you really gaze at something, you bring it inside you.


(John O'Donohue)